Purchase high quality, local meat while supporting 4-H members using these simple steps...

Step 1 


Be at the red multipurpose barn at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 27th.  The sale starts at 11 a.m. with Grand and Reserve of each species selling first.  Plan to arrive early to register. 

If you are not able to attend the sale, we welcome you to place a Pocket Bid using the bid sheet form found HERE.  Please complete a separate bid sheet for each animal you wish to purchase.  Return the form to the  Extension Office (next to the Fair Office at the Fairgrounds) or via email.  A Sales Committee representative will bid on your behalf at the sale.

Step 2


As soon as you arrive, visit the Buyer Registration table.  You will receive a:

  1. Buyer number

  2. Livestock Sale Book that includes the order of animals

  3. Other pertinent information

Feel free to ask any questions.

Step 3

Check Out the Barn

Take a look at the Livestock Sale Book and find the animals you wish to bid on.  Beef, Lambs, Hogs, Poultry and Meat Rabbits are included in this year's sale.  If time, feel free to walk around the barn and check out the animals. 


4-H Members will be on hand to answer any questions you may have or to tell you about their project.  You will discover these kids love to talk about their animals and appreciate your support.

Step 4

Find a Seat

As the sale time nears, seats will begin to fill-up around the sale ring, so be sure to find your seat early.  If you plan on staying for the entire sale, perhaps bring a bleacher chair to keep you comfortable.  Fans and air conditioners will be on hand to keep the summer temperatures bearable.  Special thanks to Pepsi of Helena for donating water, too!

Step 5


Once the animal you wish to bid on enters the ring, the auctioneer will introduce the 4-H member, announce the weight of the animal and the awards the 4-H Member and the animal have earned during the fair.  

Then the bidding starts.  The prices the auctioneer uses during the bidding are PRICE PER POUND (Ex. If the bid is $1.50/pound, the final price of the animal is $1.50 x the weight of the animal).  The Bid Price DOES NOT include processing.


The bidding will start and increase at a price at the auctioneer's discretion depending on species, sale order, previous sale prices, etc. 

Step 6

What would you like to do with the animal? 

If you are the winning bidder, the auctioneer will ask you to hold up your buyer number and announce you and your business.  You will then be asked if you want to PROCESS, KEEP, DONATE OR RESALE the animal. 

PROCESS - The animal is processed for meat.  


  • The 4-H sale committee will transport the animal to Tizer Meats to begin processing on Sunday morning.  Then, the processing facility of your choice will pick up the carcass (unless Tizer is processing) from Tizer for cutting and wrapping.  You are responsible for pick-up and payment of processing once the processor notifies you it is ready.

  • If you choose this option, simply let the auctioneer know who you want to process the meat.  A list of processors can be found in the Livestock Sale Book.

KEEP - The animal goes home with you.

  • The animal is released to you following the completion of the sale and is in your care, custody, and control.

  • Please make arrangements with the 4-H member and the Sale Committee upon check-out.

DONATE - Donate the animal back to the 4-H Foundation.

  • The Final Bid Price for the animal is donated to the 4-H Foundation and the animal is re-auctioned.  The winner of the re-auction takes possession of the animal.

  • Great option if you do not want the meat and/or want to support 4-H as a whole in Lewis and Clark County.


  • If you send an animal to resale, the price you pay is the difference between the Final Bid Price and the Resale Price listed in the Sale Catalog.  The animal is then sold to a pre-contracted resale buyer.   This option is not available for Poultry or Rabbits.

  • Use this option if you are not interested in the meat or the animal but want to support a local 4-H member

Step 7

Be Recognized

If you purchased a Grand or Reserve Champion animal, we will ask you step in to the ring for a picture with you, the 4-H member and the animal.

Even though we only take pictures with Grand and Reserve buyers, we apprecaite all our buyers for supporting Lewis and Clark County 4-H!

Step 8


Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 for each animal you wish to purchase.

Step 9


Upon completion of the sale, please visit the Sale Office in the Bill Hamilton 4-H Building next to the barn.  The sale clerks will complete the necessary paperwork and collect payment for the animal(s) you purchased.  Payment is due at this time unless prior arrangements have been made with the Extension Office.  Please refer to the Sales Policy for more information.  Checks are made to:  Lewis and Clark County 4-H Council.

5% of total sales goes to the Lewis and Clark County 4-H Council to cover costs associated with the sale (marketing, Buyer dinner, etc.).  The remaining balance is paid to the 4-H member once the buyer's payment has cleared and all expenses are paid.

Step 10


BEFORE YOU LEAVE, enjoy a catered lunch hosted by the Livestock 4-H Members as a thank you for supporting the 4-H Livestock Sale. 


Luncheon is 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Bill Hamilton Building next to the barn (same location as the Sale Office).

Step 11

Pick-Up Purchase

If you sent the animal(s) purchased to the processor, they will contact you in 2-3 weeks to pick-up the final product.  The processing fee will be due to the processor upon pick-up.

How do I purchase an animal at the Livestock Sale?

Designed by:  Lewis and Clark County 4H Council
Helena, Montana







Questions?  Contact the Lewis and Clark County Extension Office, 406-447-8346